Cloud Computing

My entire life has been spent in the development of cloud computing. Here are a few of the projects and products where I made a contribution.  

Sun Microsystems drove adoption of the Internet on TCP/IP, introducing a suite of open network computing applications.

Geoworks developed the first mobile computing devices with world class consumer electronics brands like HP.

Certicom elliptic curve cryptography allowed mobile computing devices to connect securely over the wireless Internet.

Avaya consolidated its GTM strategy for converged voice and data networks to compete against Cisco.

EMC built an entire content archiving system around email and messaging from Legato and the Documentum content system.

Real Time Genomics introduced genomic data analysis with an order of magnitude higher accuracy.

The web got significantly faster and more interactive with Node.js, a web server for real-time two-way applications.

NouGit promised decentralized and incentivized open source projects on the EOS blockchain platform.

What's next? The next decade will likely see a need for increased trust on the Internet, through decentralized approaches that leverage blockchain technology.