The GAUGE Services Platform, from TruNorth Consulting  delivers powerful messages, shared strategy and concrete objectives that help fuel the growth of emerging companies.  With fixed-price budget-friendly service packages based on the platform, innovators can plug in a marketing supercharger at critical moments in their fundraising timeline. And through partners, GAUGE Services provide a unique and robust foundation for value delivery through creative agency, innovation ecosystem and investor partners.

Efficient and effective fixed price GAUGE Service Offers specifically help innovators at critical stages of the fundraising timeline where control can be lost - building a team around an idea, raising money, and seizing revenue / share expansion opportunities.

  • Development - For $1,000, innovators get four one-hour strategy iteration sessions to be used at any time over a 12 month period for ideation and validation of their new idea.
  • Fundraising - For $2,500, innovators integrate the collective wisdom of their team over a 2 week period to craft the perfect "angel" investor pitch. For $10,000, that same team prepares over a 4 week period for the fit and finish expectations of a valuation funding round led by venture capital investors.
  • Expansion - For $25,000, venture-funded innovators facing growth blockers identify, integrate and test the best ideas of their internal team and external constituents over a 3 month period to define the business strategy opportunities that expand revenue and market share.

The same service packages that allow fixed-price offers can be repurposed to serve the critical need for powerful strategic messages in press and analyst campaigns, integrated marketing programs, product launches, startup education, and investor roadshows. TruNorth Consulting uniquely combines deep understanding of technology, decades of product marketing experience and founder empathy to get results in situations that have stalled.

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