Are you the one who sets the tone for your company? for your industry? Are you looking to put your brand into a stronger position in new segments like blockchain?

As a thought leader in distributed and decentralized computing, I connect your organization to community through storytelling projects like podcasts, workshops, public speaking, panels, videos and visualizations.  

These skills are always on display on build, launch and grow projects.  For targeted needs, please contact me directly or reach me through LinkedIn.


In the podcasts I produce and host, my quiet and deliberate approach exposes the authentic voice of my interviewees.


In my workshops and seminars, the people who attend learn as they share what they know with others.

Public Speaking

Do you need someone to tell your story with power? People trust me to understand a subject and speak its truth.


Do you want to hear people dig into a juicy and current topic? Sponsor a panel with compelling thought leaders and lively discussion.


Often you get better results when you show your story rather than tell it. I work with great visual artists, writing the script and adding voice over if necessary.


Are people bored with your charts and tables? Unique data visualizations immediately make the impact you want.