Product Marketing

Strategic product marketing management leadership delivers exceptional results in product launches, go-to-market strategy and sales channel enablement projects.


Efficient and effective strategy puts the product team in position to win.

  • Customer empathy identifies needs and helps team members understand buyer personas.
  • Competitive positioning finds the value proposition with the best chance to succeed.
  • Analytical frameworks (like GAUGE) structure market research for optimal decision making.


Innovative product design creates unique value that delights customers.

  • Artist’s mind creatively imagines new value addition opportunities.
  • Technical aptitude enables translation of the possible into the practical.
  • Domain expertise in cloud computing over 30+ years provides the foundation.


Compelling marketing communication connects with customers and constituents.

  • Communicator expresses with exceptional listening, writing and speaking skills.
  • Content strategist collaborates with design teams to connect with buyers intuitively
  • Creative problem solver finds and applies novel approaches to reach buyers efficiently


Comprehensive management planning realizes reliable and predictable programs.

  • Product launch plans position new products and solutions for success
  • Go-to-market strategy grows product (and solution) revenue and market share
  • Sales enablement delivers a consistent message across multiple channels worldwide


Agile leadership gets results in high growth, chaotic markets.

  • Collaborator develops market-facing solutions with internal / external constituents
  • Team leader coaches and mentors talent, positioning them for long-term success
  • Results driver aligns constituents to satisfy objectives despite ambiguity