After hosting two podcasts and getting asked to do more, I started to look at the interviews of greatest interest to me.  I launched Product Storyteller in September 2019 as a vehicle for delivering my own message.

What matters most to me is a future where new value creation satisfies our need for economic resilience and ecological sustainability. Innovation drives the future, but will it act with restraint that recognizes externalities?  I believe the next generation will pursue, what I call, the durable edge of free market capitalism.

What has become more important to me recently is the influence that spirituality has in that intersection.  Though politics and religion seem to split us apart, I hear people telling me that there is something guiding them to a place of connection with others.  

Perhaps there is an alternative to the hopelessness that many people feel.  Beyond the zero-sum game, there are win-win outcomes.  Perhaps such outcomes will sustain a crowded earth filled with 7.7 billion people.  My podcast explores this possibility.