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Full Bitcoin Node

Running a full Bitcoin node leads to better understanding of the community that makes Bitcoin a reality. Plus, it helps one understand its value as a foundation for financial transactions both large and small.

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The Unbanking of America - Book Review

Lisa Servon, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, embedded herself in a check-cashing business and a payday lender. Her experience exposed her to the truth about a mainstream banking and credit system in the US that underserves tens of millions. The Unbanking of America tells their story.

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The Bitcoin Standard - Book Review

This article reviews the Bitcoin Standard, by Saifedean Ammous, advocates for Bitcoin as "an unstoppable and globally accessible hard money alternative to modern central banks." This book has become one of the go to resources for newcomers learning about its position in the history of money.

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Bitcoin is the Answer

If Bitcoin is the answer then what exactly is the question? There are two. The first question is obvious. Can the problems of government spending and currency debasement be fixed. Yes, Bitcoin is the answer there. The second question is harder to answer. What is the transition and how is it made?

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Lightning Enables Global Payments

The Lightning Network promises to disrupt the global payments system with faster, cheaper transactions that can be executed between peers. An interview with Graham Krizek summarizes its value and the community effort to deliver it.

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Web5 Impact

Block, Jack Dorsey's profitable startup, recently announced that it was going to "put you in control of your data and identity" with something called web5. Your mind may spin trying to understand how it will be built, but it will get done and fix at least part of the Internet.

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